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Baby Abigail is here and we couldnt be happier! Look for pictures of her on my flickr page by following the "quilt gallery" link above! I am having a lot of fun being a new Mother. It has definitely been an adventure that I have looked forward to for a very long time.  With that comes it's own challenges.  First being, IT'S SO HARD TO PUT HER DOWN! She is so darned cute and growing by the second!  I dont want to miss too much of it so we have made the decision to cut back on some of my work. 

I will only be taking in quilts for overall/pantograph quilting.  I will not be doing custom quilting until further notice.  I will continue to finish the projects and take in a few that I already committed to.  While I appreciate the demand, I don't want to fall behind on deadlines or have to use day care if I dont have to. 

If you are looking for a local referral for quilting, please visit
If you dont mind shipping your quilts, My mother, DeLoa Jones in Michigan (, Georgia Coffelt of Prescott ( or my friend Helia Ricci in Florida ( are the closest I have found in style to my quilting. 


Quilt Exchange

I will not be at Quiltz on Tuesday July 29th. 
I will be doing exchanges at The Olde World Quilt Shoppe
from 4-5:00.