I charge by the square inch. To find the price for the quilting, measure your quilt's length and width in inches and follow this model:

Length x Width x Rate.

Example: 90 x 70 x .02 = 126.00

Sometimes prices may be higher than listed if an extensive amount of quilting time is required.

All over stippling: .0175/sq. inch (Minimum: $30)

Edge to Edge stippling (puzzle piece meandering) only

Edge to Edge Pantograph: .02/sq. inch .(Min. $40)
All pantographs are done on our computerized machine. There are hundreds of patterns available for almost every theme or look you want to accomplish.  If you would like the pantograph with customized borders there is a $10 per border charge.

Pantograph with custom borders .025/sq. inch (min $50)

The patterns are a little more limited with custom borders but there are a lot of great options if you want to have a little more of a custom feel

I am not providing custom quilting at this time

Binding: I charge by the linear inch. I only do straight edge binding with mitered corners. If you would like your binding cut on the bias, please let me know ahead of time. If you are preparing your binding for me, please sew all strips together for one continuous piece.

To find the price for binding, follow this model: Length(2) + Width(2) x rate (ex. 70+70+90+90 x .20 = 64.00)

  • If your binding is NOT prepared: .20/linear inch (min $40) 
  • If your binding is prepared: .15/linear inch (min $30)
  • If you would like it trimmed and machine stitched to the top only: .10/linear inch (min $20)