I have done many quilts through the mail and I prefer to use UPS. I have never had any problems with them and I am able to EASILY track packages and provide the tracking codes to you as well.

Your package will arrive to me at a UPS mailbox store and is held there safely until I pick it up. You can ship to me using any carrier.

Call or email me to let me know when your quilt is being shipped.

Please include a Quilting Request Form with your contact information and any specifics on the quilt. I will email or call you upon receipt and discuss ideas.

If I am providing your batting, please make sure your box is big enough for me to return your quilt in. It is likely that you will receive a different box upon return. If your box is important to you, please state that on your form. 

Please don't pack with styrofoam nuts or packing materials that fly all over when I take your quilts out of the box. :) Air cushion bags or crumpled up paper work best.
UPS provides $100.00 worth of insurance automatically with your packages. If you would like me to insure it for more than that, please let me know.

Please let me know if you would like for me to have your packages signed for on delivery.