Jessica's Quilting Studio

Other Services


I charge by the linear inch. I only do straight edge binding with mitered corners. If you would like your binding cut on the bias, please let me know ahead of time. If you are preparing your binding for me, please sew all strips together for one continuous piece.

To find the price for binding, follow this model: Length(2) + Width(2) x rate (ex. 70+70+90+90 x .20 = 64.00)

  • If your binding is NOT prepared: .20/linear inch (min $40)  
  • If your binding is prepared: .15/linear inch (min $30) 
  • If you would like it trimmed and machine stitched to the top only: .10/linear inch (min $20


$10 per seam includes ironing


I only charge for what I use. I save scraps for smaller projects and practice pieces.  If you purchase batting from me and would like to keep the scraps, please let me know ahead of time.  I charge by the square inch. The prices below are approximate in linear yardage.

Warm and Natural: $11/yard

Hobbs 80/20: $9/yard

Hobbs Wool: $15/yard




I provide the thread for every quilt.  I carry a large collection of Superior, Glide, and Signature threads.  

Variegated thread top and bottom: $10

Metallic thread: $10